To support and education our community’s children with engaging, relevant and stimulating programming which successfully prepares students to grow and develop into confident, capable, kind, respectful, responsible individuals and citizens who strive for excellence and contribute in a positive way


  • Students are the centre of everything we do as a school
  • Students are actively engaged in relevant, challenging/intellectually stimulating opportunities
  • students who have difficulty achieving excellence are assisted through interventions such as individual assistance plans, differentiated instruction, direct individual instruction, behaviour plans and clear communication
  • parents, students and staff work together as a community of respectful, positive honest, actively involved learners who strive to ensure all students receive a well-rounded education in a safe, healthy and stimulating environment
  • Miami students achieve academic excellence, make positive contributions to society, nurture and help one another, and take responsibility for their own learning, actions and choices
  • Miami School is recognized and valued by students, parents, staff and the community as their education institution of choice.